Fred's Fencing

Fred's Fencing

The Project

Starting with a video that turned into a ploughman's lunch and ending with a brand new digital presence, this is the story of Fred's Fencing. 

Since coming on board with Allied Digital, Fred now has an all-new website, new network advertising banners, print advertising in dedicated publications and has since commissioned a second video. 

Like a good Ploughman's sandwich, we had to make sure we got the foundations right, so this is where the website comes in. Offering easier to follow navigation, a slick introduction to Fred and simple to use contact forms, this was all designed with a quick and hassle-free customer experience in mind. 

Keeping things authentically Fred, we stuck with the same colour scheme as his branding, with a vibrant combination of greens and blues and included on the job and product photos so shoppers could see the products and services Fred has to offer. Each product has a bite-sized description and clear pricing so customers know just what they need to order to suit their needs. 

The news network web banners followed the same model, sticking to keeping it simple with clean branding, stand out images and succinct messages every banner clicks back to the new website. 

The latest video instalment was shot on-site with local talent, all provided by one of our team, and is part of expanding into a new market for Fred. With marketing support and advice from our team and new campaigns and projects coming soon, we look forward to helping Fred grow his business. 

You can check out the website and videos at 

How we did it

  • Video Production
  • Content Creation
  • Website Development
  • News Network Advertising
  • Print
  • Pre-Roll


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