My Mate John's

My Mate John's

The Project

Starting as a loyal print customer My Mate John's has taken the digital leap trying a variety of new and proven digital advertising solutions.
Growing from print to news network banners and home page takeovers the team were also the first to try our new mobile pop up advert.

They have now expanded into video pre-roll and Google Ad Services, so when someone in the region is thinking about or shopping for furniture My Mate John's is there.

With statement creative developed by their team and placed in high-impact advertising zones, like the homepage takeover, My Mate John's campaigns always deliver strong click through rates. With themes for concerts, public holidays and major events, their creativity is always a standout.

We are excited to continue offering results-driven advertising options for their team.


How we did it

  • Google Ads
  • Video Production
  • News Network Advertising
  • Homepage Takeover
  • Print
  • Pre-Roll


Choose one of our regional specialists.

Anya Durling

Digital SalesĀ 
South Island

022 011 7523


Kim Valentine

Digital Sales

027 457 2048


Arthur Skudder

Digital Sales

022 015 3757